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My Hunt Group (MHG) is a NETWORK group of  Sponsors.  What this means is we support creators, service providers and venue owners who are interested in becoming a Sponsor to  network with each other and promote hunts as a form of advertising. You must have the common goal of increasing your traffic and sales through hunt advertising. Hunt advertising is a unique way of bringing your services or creations to  our hunt members.  Sponsors must be willing to join in the hunts to keep traffic moving, increase your sales and improve participation in your services by our hunters. MHG does not invite anyone to our group who has an off grid shopping kiosk.

My Hunt Group Sponsors is a private group and all members must be invited to  join the group.  Membership is always free. We are very selective so our hunter group can be sure our Sponsors are serious minded individuals who offer quality services and merchandise for gifts and sale.

To maintain your sponsorship we have 2 simple expectations.

  1. Always keep your hunt board rezzed and change the texture for each hunt whether or not you can join the hunt. Please remember because we are a network, we need you to support your fellow Sponsors by advertising for them as they will do the same for you.
  2. We realize that real life happens and it is not always possible for you to join every hunt, but we would hope that you will participate in at least 4 hunts per year.

By following these simple expectations My Hunt Group can remain free of charge to all Sponsors and our hunter group.

Advertising Ideas to make your hunts a success!

• Join as many hunts as you can. Remember the phrase,  "out of site out of mind"? People will not think of you if you stop doing hunts. Also, if you have moved, hunts are a great way to let a lot of people know how to find you again.  New people become InWorldz members everyday. Members will not know how to find you if you do nothing to let them know where you are.  Just setting up shop or a venue alone will not bring people to your location. You must find ways to bring them to you. Joining hunts helps old and new members remain on the grid and become patrons of your location. They will remember your generosity and come back again and again! They will refer others to  your place too! Everybody has fun!

• Include a thank you card in your gift box. Don't be shy, your thank you card is an opportunity to write about yourself as a creator and your experiences on the grid and thank the hunters/shoppers for stopping at your location. Include a landmark in your gift box.

• Notify your personal groups when you have joined a hunt. Send them reminders until the hunt date so they can join in the fun. Remember we are a networking group and if everyone would send out several group notices imagine how many people we would reach? The idea of the number of people we as a group can reach is amazing!

• Please teleport to the My Hunt Group Information Center and click the "Sponsor's News Letter" for your bi-monthly copy .  The news letter includes very important information. You must wear your My Hunt Group Sponsor tag to receive it. Sponsor news and the textures for the next 2 hunts are included in the news letter. 

• Replace the hunt texture on your hunt board as soon as you receive it. It is OK to have more than one hunt board rezzed. Your visitors and hunters will see there are many hunts to join in the fun. Hunters become shoppers and they will come back to your location to get dates and information from the hunt board you rez. 

Place your group join board and sale signs in the same area of the hunt boards.

• Hunts are a great time to have a sale and give the hunters a special treat by reducing your prices while they hunt. Now they have become a shopper too. If you cannot do a sale during the hunt,  but you are planning a sale, be sure to post signs during the hunt to inform them of your sale dates. The hunters will be sure to come back to your location to catch your sale.

• MHG encourages you to be listed with the IW Tour Hud created by Lady Evil and the IW Explorer Hud created by Judy Dressler. Ask Brooklynn Peretz or Finn Lanzius for more information.

Our goal is to assist our Sponsors do well at InWorldz through "hunt advertising"  because it is an amazing place for socialization, to be creative and play!