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How it all began and continues

My Hunt Group (MHG) began in December 2012, and the first hunt  "12 Days of Christmas" was an absolute success. The owners, Finn Lanzius and Brooklynn Peretz soon realized hunting is not only good for the hunters, but it offers an opportunity for content creators, business owners and other talented people a chance to showcase their talents in a way that is just pure fun! MHG has some of the most generous sponsors on the Second Life grid and we have to share our success with them.  We truly appreciate all our supporters and everyone who has been helpful in getting us off the ground. (Brook & Finn)

7/05/2014 Update- My Hunt Group has grown to 250 members in our hunter group and a steady 50 members in the sponsor group. Being the co-owner of MHG has been a most enjoyable experience. Finn and I look forward to taking the show on the road to InWorldz. We invite all our friends from Second Life to join us there. We have no plans on leaving Second Life, but we think we can double your fun. If you have not joined InWorldz yet, please check it out.

8/24/2014 Only One more week and  our first hunt at InWorldz.  Please check out the tabs to the right and get all your updated information about all the hunts. Now go get your hunt on!!!!

12/19/2014 Congratulations ^5 to me and Finn. 2 years later and we are going stong. In the last 2 years we have grown the SL group to about 254 hunters. We are so happy about that. A lot of hard work and determination, setting goals has really paid off. Now that we have branched out to Inworldz, being hunt group organizers could not be better. Only 1 year at Inworldz and we have today 154 hunt members there and over 41 Sponsors. And  I certainly can not forget the sponsors, because without all of you very creative people we could never have reached our 2 year anniversary. Please look for me and Finn on the grid. We always appreciate your feed back and suggestions. Now go get your hunt on!

6/10/2015 Amazing and wonderful is the only way to sum it up. My Hunt Group has made a lot of changes. Sadly we had to make the decision to eliminate our hunts at Second Life.  At the end of May 2015 we moved My Hunt Group @ InWorldz to a new location. We are sharing a sim with Tomtom Capelo. He is the owner of Urban City. This has proved to be a great match. Tomtom is very creative and has become instrumental in helping us at My Hunt Group plan events on the sim. He is also the owner of Mew Katz (Neko wear).  

To add to the fun, we have a stage across from the bar and will be sponsoring live events. You can stop by anytime and will probably find Dj Jerry spinning some tunes. He has been a Dj for over 5 years and yes is yet another transplant from Second Life.  Gee, SL  sure is a great place to get some experience LOL

Through the month of June the Summer Fair continues. Lots of rides, freebies and great deals on the market stalls that line Main St. And don't forget to stop by the downtown district because there are some interesting shops down there with special pricing during the month of June.

We cant thank you all enough for making My Hunt Group what it is today. In such a short time we have come such a long way. We are excited about what the future brings. Now go get your hunt on!!!

7/19/2015 Never let anyone tell you that change is not fun ❀‿❀   Since our last posting in June we have made some awesome changes. You may have noticed we added 2 new Dj's to entertain you! Its totally amazing. Dj Jerry and Dj Stephan /aka: the Wolf are spinning classic rock tunes for your listening pleasure. Go to the event tab on this webpage to check out their calendar.  Log in and teleport to the My Hunt Group sim. Follow the signs "PARTY ZONE".  That's where all the ♪ tunes ♫ are gonna rock your virtual world!

All My Hunt Group members are eligible to join the MHG Raffle and have a chance to win$$$ to shop in world. Please remember to wear your group tag and just click the raffle board.

Currently MHG has 330 hunt members and 62 sponsors. Finn and I are so proud of how far we have come and we owe it all to our amazing sponsors. Please remember how hard they work and show them some appreciation by visiting their location when you are shopping in world.

2/06/2016 Update Another amazing year at InWorldz. We have increased our number of hunters to 382 members. That is reason to celebrate. And celebrate we did over the holidays. I think I am still hung over. :-)

Finn and I have quite a line up planned for 2016. Please check the hunt tab to the right to get our current hunt schedule. We have picked up several new sponsors who are very creative and provide the hunters with amazing gifts all year long. They are very serious and committed to bringing you a sample of their creations.

Despite the changes at My Hunt Group, for example moving back to our original location was a big decision and proved to be a smart decision because the sim Gourbiland Village is an amazing sim where our members like to visit. Also, closing down the sim My Hunt Group and the Party Zone has given me and Finn more time to focus totally on My Hunt Group bringing you a monthly hunt and signing on the best sponsors on any virtual world. 

Fin and I would like to express our gratitude to all of you who without our amazing sponsors and hunters My Hunt Group could not exist :-) and be able to have so much fun at InWorldz. We all need to remember how hard the Sponsors work to bring you a little something special every month and ask you to please shop where you hunt! Thank you and we are off to another great year!

9/10/2016 Update  We are still growing at InWorldz. It was a great decision to make t his move and we thank all our Sponsors for making it all possible. We have 45 Sponsors and today 437 hunters who look forward to our monthly hunts. Finn and I plan some special hunts with a little twist starting in November 2016 with a Lord Of The Rings themed hunt called the Fellowship Quest! Simply based on the interest we've had, we know this is going to be a very successful hunt. We know that without our amazingly creative Sponsors none of this would be possible. Please show them a little love when you hunt by shopping at their locations. Thank you for all you do! We are very excited about our October and December hunt. We all love the Holidays. Until next time, be sure to "get your hunt on!"

2/24/2017 MHG (My Hunt Group) has decided to use this section of our website for updates about our hunts the great people we meet at InWorldz and the status of our company at InWorldz. This is a great spot to let the everyone know what is going on and to mention cool happenings at InWorldz too! We made it through the holidays 2016.  MHG currently has 475 hunt members and 25 Sponsors. The Holiday turn out was amazing and it seems like everyone really likes "More Christmas" a grid wide shopping event that is concurrent with our hunt for December. Actually More Christmas starts the beginning of December and ends on Christmas day. Believe it or not we are already in the process of getting ready for Halloween and Christmas 2017. Our work is never done but we enjoy it so much it is a pleasure to bring the hunts to everyone at InWorldz. Most recently, MHG became listed with Lady Evil's IW Tour Hud which is very cool. The kiosk is located at the MHG Information Center. Click it for a hud to wear/add and locate all your favorite stores and locations. We have also been placed on Judy Dressler's InWorldz Explorer Hud. Please contact me (Brooklynn Peretz) or Judy Dressler in world and we can give you a copy of the hud to wear/add.  If you re a MHG Sponsor, we highly recommend you contact Judy Dressler and Lady Evil and have your store, venue, services added to the hud and everyone can easily find you!  Please come back to learn more about MHG as we are always growing and changing. Contact MHG if you would like to become a Sponsor its FREE!!!  "Now go get your hunt on!"

4/24/2017 MHG is charging forward with some new ideas and information on the website for our amazing Sponsors and for anyone who would like to become a Sponsor or a Featured Sponsor. As you all know our goal is to network with creators, service providers and venue owners to bring everyone an amazing virtual world experience. Since we have decided InWorldz is our exclusive home, MHG has transitioned from a "group think" to a "network group".  We changed the idea of a Sponsor being a group member to focus on a group of like minded people who are willing to network and interested in keeping the traffic moving across the grid because this benefits the Sponsors and the hunters. We have developed a Sponsor News Letter that will be published bi-monthly. Sponsors can pick up their copy at the My Hunt Group Information  Center.  It is packed full of important information including the hunt textures. The textures will be available with the news letter. We are hoping the Sponsors will contribute to the news letter with their  hunt ideas, ads, articles, jokes, cartoons, videos and textures. MHG asks our sponsors to adopt this "network" mind set and become as involved as their time will allow.  Currently we have 485 hunters. Our goal is to increase this  number to 500 by August 2017.   For more Sponsor information, please check the "Advertising Resource" tab at the website. "Now go get your hunt on!"

6/03/2017- A lot of new and exciting changes at My Hunt Group. Let me start by letting everyone know that MHG has surveyed the Sponsors about bringing in Adult locations to the hunts. An overwhelming majority of our Sponsors agreed we should include the Adult locations in our hunts. Now we have a complete representation of everyone on the grid.  MHG is very excited about adding Adult Creators, venues, etc. As long as the Sponsor is not promoting an off world shopping website we are happy to consider ALL the Adult locations. We added Adult locations to the current hunt, This & That.

I am  hopeful we will increase our number of sponsors as well as our number of hunters. Currently we have 32 Sponsors and 495 Hunters.  Our goal for hunt members is 500 by the end of August. PLEASE help us reach this goal by networking with your contacts and inviting them to join My Hunt Group. If you would like to display our logo, landmark and website link at your location to support the network please let us know. Ask your contacts to like us on Facebook. Please display our location MHG in your pics.

The Sponsor's News Letter is available for  June and July. The hunt textures are in the news letter. Also, I included the Hunt Board and a sample box. The board and box have the My Hunt Group Logo on them, they are full-perm and you can easily change the textures. Remember, do not change the note card in the hunt board and do not add anything to the board . We are hoping this will make joining the hunts and obtaining your copy of the textures much easier. You will not have to sift through the group notices to find the textures. Please wear your Sponsor tag and click the news letter at the MHG Information Center. The news letter note card is in a prim you will need to rez and open. If you have any problems receiving a copy of the news letter please let us know. Also, it is always a good idea to post your hunt textures as soon as you receive them. When hunters visit your location they will remember that you do hunts and they will come back to your place to look at the dates, shop and hunt.

Congratulations to our current "Featured Sponsor" Ms. Melonie Romano the owner of Razmataz.  She is the creator of art and animations. Click on our "Featured Sponsor" tab and learn more. Thanks to all our Sponsors and hunters for all you do to help us continue. "Now go get your hunt on!"

9/01/2017- The Sponsors ask and they receive some special options to obtain their Sponsor's News Letter. I was able to have the script in the news letter give you up to 5 copies. YaY! We all have issues with our inventory and I am thinking this will be a big help. Also, we have made it possible that all Sponsors can use the message option on our group so you can all share information and ask for help. Remember anyone who has any questions or concerns can always send me or Finn an offline message or a note card for assistance.

Our next hunt is called "Fall Into Love" this  happens in September and in October we will be bringing another awesome Halloween hunt called "The Great Scare". Our Sponsors gave us great name suggestions and we really appreciate your help! Now we are looking for a name for our Christmas hunt. We invite our hunters and Sponsors to offer their suggestions.

We will not be having a hunt in November so we can prepare for our AMAZING Christmas shopping extravaganza!!! It all starts on the USA Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd., 2017 and ends on December 31st. The shopping extravaganza is concurrent with the December/Christmas hunt. The shopping event will include all Sponsors who participate in the Christmas hunt. This is a great time for the Sponsors to present new items, and year end sales. All advertised in a HUGE way to the hunters and the entire grid. Don't miss out and be sure to bring your friends for gifts and deals.

Our next Sponsor news letter will be available for pick up at the My Hunt Group Information Center on November 1st. and information for November and December will be available.

All Hunters continue to come to the My Hunt Group Information Center and obtain your information about current hunts or please visit our website. Remember to LIKE US on Facebook.